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          We are part of a Christian community that helps people who
              want to grow deeper in their faith and understanding of
                                        what grace truly is.  

The Lutheran Cursillo Movement of Arizona consists of...

What is Cursillo?

Cursillo began in Majorca, Spain in the Roman Catholic Church. Cursillo in the
United States began in Texas in 1957.  Cursillo is now in many states as
> well as Europe, Canada, Australia and South America. Read more...

What is Tirosh?

Tirosh is a Lutheran Teen Movement, open to all youth from age 15 to age 17
on the Weekend.
It has its roots deeply planted in the Cursillo Movement, and it is similar in that
it is also a three-day Spiritual retreat that provides the participants the opportunity
to expand their faith, to experience Christian love and support, and to renew their commitment to Jesus Christ.

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Lutheran Cursillo Movement of Arizona
Post Office Box 27374
Tempe, AZ 85285-7374

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